The Absolute Need For Physical Therapy After An Ankle Sprain

The Absolute Need For Physical Therapy After An Ankle Sprain

Ankle sprains are a common injury but whats strange about an ankle sprain is that sometimes, they just keep happening over and over again. The answer to this strange phenomenon is simple.

When someone sprains their ankle, the muscles surrounding the actual ankle become weak and being weak, they cannot do a good job stabilizing your ankle anymore. Any little mis step can lead to another sprained ankle.

This is why physical therapy for an ankle sprain is so crucial to one’s full recovery. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, our physical therapists create a treatment plan just for you so that not only do we reduce the pain and swelling of your ankle but also we restrengthen the ankle to make sure your ankle can support you in all manner of situations.

There are several ways that we help your ankle to restrengthen:


When your ankle is strong enough, one thing that we do is have you balance on different objects, usually on one foot. Your ankle will wobble but at the same time, you’ll learn to support yourself so that your ankle strengthens and so does your balance. This makes it so when you are walking in all sorts of environments you are better able to hold your balance.

Strengthening Exercises

The second thing we do to help you strengthen your ankle is too show you different exercises that you will perform not only in physical therapy but also on your own at home or in the gym. One example is attaching ankle weights to your ankles and having you move your ankle forwards and backwards to strengthen the muscles surrounding the ankle.

*Please do not attempt these exercises before a trained physical therapist shows you how to properly do them or you could risk further injury.

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By Benjamin Bieber