Correcting Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Correcting Back Pain With Physical Therapy
Correcting Back Pain With Physical Therapy

Correcting Back Pain

The lower back is an extremely sensitive area. There are many factors that can cause lower back pain and injury. At Cross Bay Physical Therapy, it is our purpose to discover the cause of your lower back pain and rebuild your back muscles to heal this injury.

Back pain can come about for all sorts of reasons. One many cause of back pain is poor posture. Leaning over your desk for hours at a time, sitting with a slouched back, or sleeping with a curved spine strain your muscles producing lower back pain.

More so, weak muscles will cause your back muscles to strain, especially in combination with poor posture. Both weak lower back muscles and a weak abdomen place a tremendous amount of stress on your back during the day because your back is already supporting virtually every movement that you make.

Healing What Causes Chronic Back Pain And Injury

Another cause of confusion is that back pain can actually be caused by another injury in the body. If you have a foot problem or a knee problem, your back has to overcompensate for this weakness leading to strain. This is one of the most confusing problems because a person thinks there back is the problem but it’s really only a consequence of other musculoskeletal issues.

Many of the muscles in the body are connected. The muscles in the foot affect the calf muscles. The calf muscles affect the knees and the knees affect the back. Wherever you are experiencing any tightness, this could be contributing to back pain and we are here to figure this out for you and get this problem fixed.

The way to heal your back is to correct any posture issues and rebuild any weak muscles that contribute to back pain. If you have a weak knee, our physical therapists will figure out if this can be causing your back pain. If you have a weak core, our physical therapists will check this as well. Whatever the cause of your back pain, we will figure it out during your initial visit.

At Physical Therapy, we will create a custom plan specific to your age and lifestyle to heal any weak and tight muscles that are associated with your back pain. We will be there every step of the way during your healing process making sure your recovery is going smoothly. Over the past two decades, we have helped thousands of patients heal injury, disability, and feel better.

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