Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain

Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain
Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain

Relieve Knee and Hip Pain

Athletes like Roger Federer and Michelle Kwan have all had their fair share of injuries and one of these injuries is IT Band syndrome. This problem usually starts because of an injury and then is prone to tightness. Such tightness leads to hip and knee pain and even worse, can make it easier to injure the knee or hip because of a person’s lack of mobility. The way to overcome this problem is to know and utilize the exercises that lead to it’s completely recovery and one of the best proven methods for this is Physical Therapy.

The IT Band, located on the side of leg or quadriceps muscles is a thick ligament. It can become increasingly tight causing stiffness and even knee and hip pain. Because of the tightness, it also can lead to injuries of the knee and hip.

Physical Therapy for IT Band Syndrome is crucial to relieve the tension of the band, relieve this condition, and teach you how to make sure this problem doesn't come it. The combination of stretching, strengthening, and soft tissue massage help to get rid of this problem. Here are a few things that our physical therapists do at Cross Bay Physical Therapy to relieve this condition.

  1. Foam Roller - Using a foam roller, you can roll your leg on top of this roller stretching out the band. This will loosen the band and help you regain a normal flexibility.
  2. Knee Strengthening - The knee is connected to the IT band and the muscles that surround the knee may be weak due to the chronic IT Band Syndrome. By strengthening the knee along with the hip and butt muscles, we can create a strong environment that supports the IT Band and prevents injury.
  3. Soft Tissue Massage - Our physical therapists, who are trained to relieve the tension of the IT Band, will provide a massage that loosens up the band almost immediately removing trigger points and tightness.

The key to conquering this problem is the combination of massage, strengthening, and stretching and physical therapy is important to stop the pain you are experiencing chronically because of this injury.

Our physical therapists have helped thousands of patients in our practice in Howard Beach, Queens and understand exactly how to heal a wide range of complicated muscular skeletal injuries.

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