Physical Therapy

  • Fix Your Posture To Relieve Back And Neck Pain

    Fix Your Posture To Relieve Back And Neck Pain

    Poor posture is one of the most common causes of neck pain and back pain. Fixing your posture often relieves pain after a few days and keeping good posture prevents this pain from returning. Unfortunately, muscle weakness prevents a person from consistently applying proper posture and an injury still can disable a person for a period of time, which is why we recommend physical therapy to speed up the healing process.

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  • Physical Therapy Back Treatment

    Physical Therapy Back Treatment

    Poor posture, weak muscles, and a traumatic accident are causes of many of the back injuries that we see at Cross Bay Physical Therapy. With a weak back and poor posture, an accident that damages muscle tissue in the back is more than likely. The back has to overcompensate for weak muscles if a person does not regularly exercise and this can lead to a strain.

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  • Using Physical Therapy To Heal An Ankle Sprain

    Using Physical Therapy To Heal An Ankle Sprain

    An ankle sprain is extremely common but with physical therapy, can happen over and over again always delaying the full recovery of the ankle. While a simple sprain seems like you can “just walk it off”, the ankle is weakened by the tendon and ligament damage. This means, because the ankle is weaker, it can not support your body’s weight and balance as well.

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  • Physical Therapy Exercises For Foot Pain

    Physical Therapy Exercises For Foot Pain

    Foot pain sometimes feels like it just won’t go away. Physical Therapy can provide you the clarity, understanding, and activity you need to heal your feet and end foot pain. Some of the most common foot problems that we see in our office are plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinitis, and ankle sprains and fractures.

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  • Low Back Pain Treatment

    Low Back Pain Treatment

    Sam Simon passed away yesterday. He was one of the creative founder's of the extremely popular show "The Simpsons". He died of colorectal cancer. What is important to note is that "The Simpsons" didn't just entertain people but influenced television in a historic way, changing the fabric of television and greatly influencing shows like "South Park" and "Family Guy".

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