Physical Therapy

  • Ankle Sprain Recovery

    Ankle Sprain Recovery

    Physical Therapy is absolutely vital in the recovery of an ankle sprain unless one has the diligence to complete exercises themselves for a period of 8-12 weeks.

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  • Neck Pain Physical Therapy

    Neck Pain Physical Therapy

    Congratulations to the Grammy winner’s this week, particularly Sam Smith for winning best song with “Stay With Me” and Beck for winning Best Album. Kirsten Wiig did her hilarious impression of Sia during a performance of “Chandelier”. All around it was a great show and the winners were much deserved.

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  • Physical Therapy For Back Pain Problems

    Physical Therapy For Back Pain Problems

    In celebration of Martin Luther King Day I would like to talk about how to alleviate back pain. There are several different causes of back pain such as injury, muscle strain, or overuse. Sometimes you know exactly why you are experiencing back pain and in other cases, it surprises you. One thing is certain: physical therapy has tremendous benefits for alleviating back pain.

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  • Why Physical Therapy Is Vital After An Ankle Sprain

    The Hunger Games MockingJay Part 1 just opened in movie theaters November 21st. This is the third movie of the series and many people are excited for it to come out as it has been one of the most popular blockbusters in the U.S.

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  • Get More Out Of Your Physical Therapy at Cross Bay PT

    In physical therapy, sometimes pain gets in the way of you getting better. With arthritis and with injury, it is pain that prevents you from exercising or stretching a little bit harder to get that extra bit of strength and flexibility. When one is doing their session, they can only do as much as their pain allows.

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