Howard Beach Physical Therapy

  • Cross Bay Physical Therapy Helps Heal Pain

    The summer is one of the best times to be outside because of all the outdoor sports someone can do. This includes hiking, kayaking, biking, playing sports, or just walking around in the summer sun for leisure. Unfortunately, our body's sometimes get worn out and minor or major injuries occur. One of the best things that you can do is seek out treatment so that a minor injur doesn't become major or a major injury doesn't effect you for the rest of your life.

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  • What You Should Do After An Ankle Sprain

    An ankle sprain is one of the world’s most common injuries. It is the ankle that is responsibe to balance the body’s weight while we constantly move around . Sometimes, a mis step takes the ankle by surprise and one twists or rolls their ankle causing the ligament, tendon, and blood vessels to damage.

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  • Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury

    Physical Therapy In Howard Beach, Queens - Knee Pain And Injury

    Our howard beach physical therapists construct a plan for you that not only alleviates the knee pain and injury that you’re experiencing but also strengthens the knee to the point that you can return to your normal daily activity and exercise. Physical Therapy can be a way for you to strengthen your knee and maintain a high level of fitness as you continue to age.

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  • Throw Out My Back - Back Pain Treatment

    Throw Out My Back - Back Pain Treatment

    As we get older, it is possible to “throw out your back” with a quick, sudden movement. If this has recently happened to you, first understand that this is normal. Through physical therapy, it is not only possible to relieve this pain but also strengthen the back to decrease the chances that this will happen again.

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  • Why Physical Therapy Is Needed After An Ankle Sprain

    In life, while constantly walking about on sometimes unsure terrain, a misstep may occur causing the ankle to roll and twist. While many people know the importance of rest, ice, and an ankle brace, it is less known why physical therapy is hugely beneficial, even crucial to the recovery of an ankle sprain.

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