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  • Physical Therapy For Knee Issues

    Physical Therapy For Knee Issues

    Physical Therapy is beneficial for many reasons and in some cases, has been proven to be just as effective as surgery. Through a combination of stretching, strengthening, and therapeutic modalities, it is possible alleviate pain, heal injury, and remove disability.

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  • Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain

    Physical Therapy For IT Band Syndrome and Knee Pain

    Athletes like Roger Federer and Michelle Kwan have all had their fair share of injuries and one of these injuries is IT Band syndrome. This problem usually starts because of an injury and then is prone to tightness. Such tightness leads to hip and knee pain and even worse, can make it easier to injure the knee or hip because of a person’s lack of mobility. The way to overcome this problem is to know and utilize the exercises that lead to it’s completely recovery and one of the best proven methods for this is Physical Therapy.

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  • Physical Therapy in Howard Beach, Queens

    Physical Therapy in Howard Beach, Queens

    Problems with your shoulder and neck are extremely irritable. This neck and shoulder tension can stem from a lot of different causes but one thing is for certain, it will lower your daily satisfaction. This tension commonly leads to consistent eye strain and migraines, which may feel intolerable.

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  • Wrist And Hand Therapy - Cross Bay Physical Therapy

    The Nepal Earthquake is a tragedy whereby many kind Nepalese people have killed. This past week another earthquake has rocked Nepal. If it is possible for you, please find a way to donate to a Nepal relief fund and help the Nepalese people with search and rescue, housing, medical supplies, and food supplies.

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  • Low Back Pain Treatment

    Low Back Pain Treatment

    Sam Simon passed away yesterday. He was one of the creative founder's of the extremely popular show "The Simpsons". He died of colorectal cancer. What is important to note is that "The Simpsons" didn't just entertain people but influenced television in a historic way, changing the fabric of television and greatly influencing shows like "South Park" and "Family Guy".

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